Registration & Parent Involvement

Huggs Day School provides a warm, welcoming environment where parents feel secure and comfortable leaving their child.  Your experience at Huggs begins with an individual tour.  Parents have the opportunity to meet with a director for a one-on-one tour to learn about our programs, view the facilities, see the classrooms in action, and have all of their questions addressed. The directors remain available to you after your tour to assist in the registration process.

Throughout the year you will feel close ties to your child’s school experience. Shortly before the start of classes there will be a parent meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teachers and see their classroom.  The teachers will familiarize you with the separation process, general rules and procedures, and answer all parent questions.  Once school begins you will receive monthly newsletters keeping you apace of classroom activities and experiences. Once a year we will hold formal parent conferences.  As well, teachers and parents often schedule more informal chats throughout the year to keep you abreast of your child’s school experience. We, as directors, greet you and your child at the door each day and are available to you at all times.  The whole Huggs staff strives to have parents feel a part of their child’s school experience.  The staff at Huggs Day School is truly like a family with the majority having been a part of Huggs more than 10 years!



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