Parent Letters

Special Note from a Huggs’ Parent

I have sent my three children to Huggs each for 3 years (my youngest is finishing up his final year). I could not have imagined a more perfect preschool for them. Each of my children spent 1 year in the 2-3 program and then moved on to spend 2 more years in the school’s 3-4 programs.
My children loved going to school and we felt very supported throughout our 9 years at Huggs. All of our children’s teachers were loving and nurturing, creative and available for as much communication and feedback as we needed.  The teachers are all very experienced and have been with the school for many years, an indication to me that Huggs is obviously a happy place for everyone: teachers, children and parents, to be. 
The facilities are excellent. All the classrooms are bright and spacious. They have a terrific outdoor space and also a gym when the weather is awful.
The directors, Randie and Gary, are also the original owners. Each morning and afternoon, one or the other are there at the door with smiling faces greeting each of us. They know all the children and parents by name and their office is always open to us whenever we needed to discuss something with them. We have been so happy at Huggs. Our youngest is graduating this year, ending our time there, which brings tears to my eyes, when I think about it. Huggs will always hold a special place in my heart as a wonderful, loving first school experience for my children.


Below are just a sample of notes written to our teachers at the end of the school year-

It is impossible to overstate the wonderful influence and lasting gifts you have bestowed upon our son, and his brother before him. You have a unique ability to make every and any child feel special and to foster a community of happy, smart, kind and caring kids (and adults, too).  You have given my kids the greatest gift by teaching them to love school and play and books and creating—and any future triumphs they have will be built, at least partially, if not entirely, on that foundation.

Words cannot express our enduring gratitude for the wonderful job you did this year educating our daughter.  She is more imaginative, curious, interested and aware because of your able guidance.  You are both incredibly fun, warm and capable and we will forever be grateful for the love and affection you showed our daughter.  Thank you for making learning FUN and inspiring the children every day!

When I drop my daughter off in the morning, she runs into your arms.  When I pick her up and arrive early, I hear you singing and talking with love and joy and humor in your voice.  My daughter talks about you all the time at home.  You are so lovely and made my daughter’s first school experience an incredible one!

Thank you for all the many wonderful and special ways that you have taught my child the skills to become a confident and happy little girl who loves school, her friends and her teachers.  Your warmth and love has always given her so much comfort and an environment that she enjoys so much.  Everyday as we watch her grow, we are reminded of how much impact you have had on her.  It has been wonderful for her to learn so many new things in such a creative and enriched approach.  The foundation that you have given her will influence her now and always.


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